Selections of

Films I’ve made.

︎︎︎ Ride or Die

Music video for “Ride or Die” a collaboration between Kelsey Lu and Boys Noize made together with animation studio ArtCamp. The animation consists of 2400 pages of hand drawn art, each digitally rendered and scanned.
Client: Boys Noize, Kelsey Lu
Agency: No Tricks
Role: Concept, Creative Direction
Year: 2021

Collaborators: Chris Albo, Tal Midyan, Santiago Carrasquilla, Jos Diaz Contreras, Danaé Gosset, Danica Tan, Dave Rene, Becky Akinyode.

︎︎︎ Introvert Party

A short film made in quarantine.
Collaborators: Vignesh Seshadri

︎︎︎ Workout Routine

This short comedic-horror film was a finalist in the Austin Micro Film Festival and the Portland Comedy Film Festival.

Collaborators: Vignesh Seshadri